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Encryption Services

Encrypting data is more important than ever, as the volume of information grows and the ways it is stored and used proliferate. Encryption is becoming the focus of organizations as they seek to ensure the security of their information.Implementing encryption involves more than just installing software. Rather, effective encryption requires a comprehensive strategy that starts with identifying the organization’s goals in implementing encryption and then lays out a plan for identifying what information to encrypt, how to implement the encryption how to manage users and keys, and how to manage and enforce the use of encryption products. Such a plan helps organizations to evaluate and select the right encryption products from the start and further saves time and money as the organization implements encryption throughout the organization. Infodefense delivers cost effective, comprehensive encryption services for enterprise data protection with proven deployment experience.


  • Accelerated deployment
  • Leverage best practices
  • Share technical expertise
  • Design the right solution

Our Professional Services  save organizations time and maximize resources with technical security experts to deploy and maintain PGP Encryption Platform applications.The result: Enterprise IT can focus on additional projects while reducing learning curves and accelerating deployment to protect sensitive corporate, customer, and partner data.

Encryption Services
Our Encryption Services enable the protection of data with seamless, transparent and automatic encryption, applied immediately, wherever and whenever needed. The easiest way to implement Enterprise Data Protection is with centrally managed solutionn. Centralized management with automated key and policy management enables scalability of enterprise data protection.

This approach controls policy and data access without requiring end users to make enforcement decisions, and it relieves administrators of complicated, resource-intensive tasks. This comprehensive approach also increases usability. It unites security and data and eliminates the risks associated with manual security decision making. 

remote deployment
Our PGP certified consultants provide customer-focused services for planning, installing and maintaining PGP Encryption Platform applications. To help organizations of all sizes meet these important goals, Infodefense offers both Onsite and Remote Deployment Services and Support based on successful deployments in our region. Trained and ready for any size deployment, Infodefense Professional Services has the solution for any organization.

Remote Deployment Services 

Our Remote Deployment Services follow a simple but highly effective methodology. It comprises processes, communications, and documentation that focus on the customer deploying encryption successfully, easily, and quickly.

Infodefense Remote Deployment Services include:

  • Configuration and installation of PGP Universal™ Server
  • Testing of client deployment
  • Validation against an overall acceptance plan

Leveraging 10 years encryption deployment experience and success for clients in Greece, Cyprus and Malta”.



Classify, Protect & Confidently Share Information. TITUS solutions enable organizations to classify, protect and confidently share information, and meet regulatory compliance requirements by identifying and securing unstructured data.

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Leveraging more than 10 years information security experience and success for clients in Greece, Cyprus and Malta”.