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Information Security Awareness - End Users



Information security awareness is of crucial importance, as information security controls, policies or procedures can be misused, misinterpreted or not used by end-users. One of the most effective way to prevent accidental or deliberate compromise, damage, theft or misuse of sensitive corporate information is to initiate a security awareness program that includes both end-users and IT personell. Our training program is designed to raise awarenes about information security and ensures that every employee has a solid understanding of the organizational security policies, procedures and good information security practices.

  • Social Engineering
  • Email Security
  • Secure Internet Use
  • Passwords
  • Data Protection
  • Securing your Workstation


Hands-on Encryption.

Understand, deploy and use current generation encryption tools and methods to protect emails, files, disks, laptops, servers and e-commerce sites and comply with information security requirements and regulations. Using hands-on labs, course participants will build an excellent background on standard and state of the art encryption solutions.


Information Security Awareness - Administrators



Training, awareness and competence is a key process within the Information Security. In order to protect the information assets of the company it is essential that employees involved in the provision of effective information security have the required skills, both procedural and technical. There is a need to ensure that specific technology skills are developed and maintained, particularly as these can change rapidly as technology changes..

What you will learn in this course

  • Understand,identify and analyze the potential risks and learn how to treat them based on information security best practices
  • Get a clear picture of what is needed for a robust and sound Information Security environment
  • The importance of policies, procedures, the "new" perimeter security, access control, authentication and data protection
  • Define and implement an incident management process based on information security best practices




Classify, Protect & Confidently Share Information. TITUS solutions enable organizations to classify, protect and confidently share information, and meet regulatory compliance requirements by identifying and securing unstructured data.

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